Red route enforcement

Red Route Enforcement is carried out by several different methods.

Firstly there are literally hundreds of roadside cameras on red routes. These move round constantly and usually a camera will enforce many different types of restrictions in neighbouring roads. These cameras are usually high up on poles and sometimes they are little round black cameras attached to lamp posts   A controller seeing an offence will issue a penalty charge notice (pcn) by post. The first that you will know that you have been caught is when you receive the penalty charge notice in the post. This, in our opinion, places you at a disadvantage immediately. This is because if you return to your vehicle and there is a PCN on your windscreen you can immediately look around at the signage (or lack of it) and make notes or take photographs to support an appeal. Of course this is not as easy when you receive a penalty charge notice sometimes many weeks later.

Transport for London still enforce using traditional Traffic wardens or “community support officers” These are people working for the metropolitan police. In our experience they are a little friendlier and not quite so obsessed at issuing tickets as parking attendants who work for local authorities. However they use CCTV extensively.

August 23 – CCTV issued Red Route parking fines ruled illegal by London adjudicators – Adjudicators have ruled that Transport for London breached Government Guidelines by using CCTV to issue parking fines. Tens of millions of pounds of fines may have been issued illegally.  More on red route section. Search case number 2230060716 Commercial plant services vs TFL on London Tribunals key cases. See red route adjudicator’s decisions for more information.


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