Penalty Charge Notice (pcn issued by post)

PCN issued by post to the registered owner of the vehicle

The owner is usually, but not always, liable for the penalty, whoever was driving. Exceptions include if the car was taken without your consent, if it was hired out under an agreement or if you have sold the vehicle.



There are 3 cases when a PCN may be served by post and the discount period varies according to which case.

Case 1: Enforcement is by camera – 21 days to pay at reduced rate

Case 2: The CEO was prevented by someone from serving it at the scene – 14 days to pay at reduced rate

Case 3: The CEO had begun to prepare a PCN but the vehicle was driven away before it was finished and issued – 14 days to pay at reduced rate



Your next steps


Pay the penalty charge

•    payment details are on the Penalty Charge Notice.
•     you should pay within 28 days beginning with the date which the notice was served – this is ordinarily when the notice arrived at the address to which it was posted . If the authority RECEIVES payment within the first 21 days (in respect of a case 1 contravention)  or 14 days (in respect of a case 2 or 3 contravention)  you only have to pay half the penalty.
•    If you do not pay within 14 or 21 days, your right to pay at the reduced rate ends.
•    If the authority does not receive payment of the reduced penalty within 14 or 21 days or the full penalty within 28 days the next stage in the formal process is for the authority to send a Charge Certificate.



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