Registration of Debt… (pcn issued by post)

Registration of Debt, order for Recovery, warrant of execution and witness statement (formerly a statutory declaration)


If after 14 days of a charge certificate being served the penalty charge is still not paid, the local authority may register it as a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre. You should be notified by the council that they have done this.

The local authority may then recover the penalty through the county court:

•    the county court, on application from the local authority, will authorise the authority to draw up an Order for Recovery. The local authority will serve this order on you, with a witness statement form.

•    if the penalty is not then paid, the authority may apply to the court for a Warrant of Execution. which will then allow the enforcing authority to instruct bailiffs to recover the debt.



Your next steps

You must either:

Pay the outstanding charge


lodge a witness statement (formerly a Statutory Declaration) at the Traffic Enforcement Centre (external link).



Witness Statement (formerly a Statutory Declaration)


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