Adjudicators Decisions for CCTV

Adjudicators Decisions for CCTV Enforcement


August 23 – CCTV issued Red Route parking fines ruled illegal by London adjudicators – Adjudicators have ruled that Transport for London breached Government Guidelines by using CCTV to issue parking fines. Tens of millions of pounds of fines may have been issued illegally.  More on red route section. Search case number 2230060716 Commercial plant services vs TFL on London Tribunals key cases.

A panel of 3 adjudicators upheld a previous decision that Transport for London issued parking fines illegally by CCTV in a clear breach of Government Guidance which states that CCTV enforcement should only be used where enforcement is difficult or sensitive and enforcement by a Civil enforcement officer is not practical. Enforcement by Civil enforcement officer of traffic wardens is practical on Red Routes because traffic wardens regularly patrol Re Routes and issue parking tickets. There is a chance that previously issued and paid pcn’s can be claimed back but it is too ealry for there to be any cases.



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