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Adjudicators Decisions for CCTV

Adjudicators Decisions for CCTV Enforcement


In two far reaching decision for motorists the parking adjudicator has decided that Westminster Council’s CCTV parking cameras do not comply with the law as individual frames were not numbered sequentially.

After considering further evidence from Westminster Council and Barrie the parking adjudicator, Carl Teper decided in PATAS cases 211000697A and 2110013024  “ … that the failure to sequentially number the captured images, by means of a visual counter, to be a procedural impropriety as so defined. …..The appeal is allowed

However, we must point outthat we have heard that some or all of these cases may have been overturned in the Council’s favour.

There may still be an argument in that the copy discs provided to the adjudicator as evidence may not be authenticated as we hear that the evidence is not a true copy of the priginal document. This may have been changed however. We understand that sometimes the full timer is missing from the evidence submitted.



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