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To find immediate help for your Penalty Charge Notice simply type the 2 digit contravention code from your penalty charge notice or a brief description such as yellow lines, box junction, bus lane etc into the search box above or at the bottom of the page and hit the return kay.  Our powerful search tool will immediately take you to the relevant section of the site for you. 



We’re dedicated helping the motorist appeal unfair and sometimes illegally issued penalty charge notices and parking tickets. Includes clamping and towing.

Moving traffic

Suggestions on how to have your ticket cancelled for a moving traffic PCN such as a entering a yellow box, or failing to comply with a sign (e.g. no right turn).

Bus Lanes

So you have recieved a penalty charge notice (pcn) for being in a bus lane. What can you do? You may be surprised…

Congestion Charge

A step by step guide on what to do if you have received a PCN for entering the congestion charge zone without paying.

CCTV Enforcement

Many local authorities now use CCTV as a tool (we say weapon) to enforce parking and moving traffic offences. These cameras are often hidden on lampposts with no signage.

Private Land

Received a private parking ticket (aka parking charge notices)? Details on clamping and towing on private land and privately owned car parks.





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Much of the information on our site is FREE but for around the cost of an hour’s parking in central London you can have full access to the entire site, packed full of resources and helpful information to help you appeal.

Support us run this site and our campaign for a fairer system. We will show you the many ways that you could have your penalty charge notice cancelled. Our information is clearly set out for each offence (contravention) with a simple 3 stage process.


CCTV issued Red Route parking fines ruled illegal by London adjudicators – Adjudicators have ruled that Transport for London breached Government Guidelines by using CCTV to issue parking fines. Tens of millions of pounds of fines may have been issued illegally.  More on red route section. Search case number 2230060716 Commercial plant services vs TFL on London Tribunals key cases.

Handy tips to avoid parking tickets and save you money!

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You usually have nothing to loose by sending in an initial appeal if you think you have been unfairly ticketed as every council that we have contacted will give you another 14 days to pay at the reduced rate even if they reject your appeal
Never stop on zig zag lines, thick yellow lines at bus stops or double red lines on red routes. There are literally thousands of cameras aimed at these areas. Councils will not even allow you 5 seconds. You can stop to drop off a passenger on single and double yellow lines of which there are usually plenty.
Be very careful about stopping at cash points as even if you don’t see a civil enforcement officer the chances are that a camera will be trained on you. Cash points provide rich pickings for cash strapped local authorities.
Be careful about parking on speed tables. Councils like Newham in London have started enforcing parking on speed tables as they say they are actualy the carriageway raised to meet the level of the pavement so people can cross the road. A speed table is like a road hump but at the top it has a flat area.

May 2024 The Government is consulting on it’s plan for drivers and restricting the revenue stream that Councils get. This consultation is running from 17 March until 25 May 2024 and can be found here:


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We work relentlessly on behalf of the motorist to have the current system of revenue orientated enforcement changed…


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