Contravention Code 24

Not parked correctly within the markings of a bay or space. You must park with all your wheels within the parking bay – Contravention Code 24



How to have your penalty charge notice (PCN) for this parking contravention cancelled.

We may be able to assist you in having your penalty charge notice for this contravention cancelled.

Follow our 3 stage process:

1 Check: Specific grounds for appeal for this contravention (below on this page)
This may also include diagrams and pictures showing signage requirements etc.

2 Check: General grounds for appeal
Applies to most contraventions.

3 Check: Summarised parking adjudicators decisions
Includes details of example cases won.


Specific grounds of appeal for this contravention


1. Many PCN’s are issued in our opinion for, silly technical breeches of this contravention. You should certainly not receive a PCN if your wheels were within or on the white markings. We have yet to find a local authority which counts the overhang of vehicle!. However we have witnessed parking tickets issued incorrectly when the wheels of a vehicle were on the white demarcation line. Hopefully the incidences of such ticketing should decrease now that parking attendants are required to take photographs of the alleged contravention.

2. Were the markings clearly visible?  Quite often the Road markings are barely visible or obscured by leaves etc. If so then you may wish to appeal. See the diagrams below.

3. Many local authorities have guidelines as to what constitutes parked within a bay. Some may say for example that more than half of a vehicle would need to be parked outside of a bay before a penalty charge notice may be issued. You may be able to obtain a copy from the council’s website or even under the freedom of information act. Of course if the parking attendants have not followed the guidelines then the PCN would have been issued incorrectly.

Below we show diagrams of the correct bay markings and legally required measurements which must be in situ by law and more information that will help you decide whether to appeal against your penalty charge notice.


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