Notice of rejection (pcn issued at the scene)

If you receive a Notice of Rejection further to a pcn issued at the scene you will have 28 days, beginning with the date of service of that notice pay or begin an appeal


You must either:

pay the penalty charge at the full rate


appeal to the Adjudicator


A Notice of Appeal form should be sent by the local authority with the Notice of Rejection. This is the form and information which you use if you appeal to the independent parking adjudicator. If this form is not enclosed, the local authority should be contacted to obtain one. You should appeal within 28 days.

If you appeal to the Adjudicator later than the 28 days, you may still send your appeal, but you MUST say on the Notice of Appeal why it is late. The Adjudicator will then decide whether to allow you to appeal late. We would strongly advise you to submit the form within 28 days.

It does not cost you anything to appeal and the Penalty charge will not increase if the adjudicator dismisses your appeal. So, aside from your time, you really have nothing to loose once the procedure has reached this stage. Also the odds are in your favour. In Westminster for example in the year ended 31st March 07 the adjudicator upheld an incredible 89% of all appeals – most of which were not even contested.

If the penalty charge is not paid or an appeal is not made within the 28 days allowed, the Enforcement Authority may issue a charge certificate which will increase the penalty by 50%.


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