Notice of acceptance (bus lane)

Notice of Acceptance for a Bus Lane PCN

If the local authority accept your representation, they will send you a Notice of Acceptance.


If you receive a Notice of Acceptance, you will not have to pay the penalty and you need take no further action.

There are two types of  notice of acceptance.

1. For when a motorist is not liable

2. Where the penalty charge notice is cancelled.

They amount to the same thing in that you do not have to pay the penalty and the case is closed.


Sample Notices:

Sample Notice of Acceptance – Not Liable

London Borough of London
[Correspondence name & address]
Mr A B Smith
99 Any Street

[Letter date]

Dear Mr Smith,
Penalty Charge Notice: [PCN number]
Thank you for your letter of [Reps letter date] in which you made representations about the above Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

I am pleased to tell you that we have accepted your representations that you should not have to pay the penalty charge and we have cancelled the (select applicable notice or notices) Notice to Owner/ Enforcement Notice/ Penalty Charge Notice. You should therefore hear no more about this matter.
If you want any help or more information, please telephone our helpline on [Helpline phone

Yours sincerely,
Fred Quimby
Parking Services Officer


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