Contravention Code 23

Parked in a parking space or area not designated for that class of vehicle. Only certain classes of vehicles may park in some places – Contravention Code 23



How to have your penalty charge notice (PCN) for this parking contravention cancelled.

We may be able to assist you in having your penalty charge notice for this contravention cancelled.

Follow our 3 stage process:

1 Check: Specific grounds for appeal for this contravention (below on this page)
This may also include diagrams and pictures showing signage requirements etc.

2 Check: General grounds for appeal
Applies to most contraventions.

3 Check: Summarised parking adjudicators decisions
Includes details of example cases won.


Specific grounds of appeal for this contravention


1. If specific vehicles are prohibited from parking then this must be shown clearly on the signs. The signs should be located within 15 metres (3 car lengths of where you parked) and contain details of the prohibited vehicles and the times of the restriction. Quite often the signs are not clear or are positioned too far apart. There are exceptions covered by general rules.

2. If you were parked in a loading bay or disabled bay or a doctors bay etc the legend “Loading” or “Disabled” etc must be written on the road in front of the bay as well as on the sign. If it is not then the penalty charge notice is not enforceable and should not have been issued. Case number PH 05027C against hampshire council was won on this basis. The only exception is if the council have an exemption from the department of transport. In this case they had an exemption but it didn’t cover all of the directions.

3. Remember that you may also cite compassionate ground in order to have your penalty charge notice cancelled.


Please see our section on parking adjudicators decisions which will have details of cases for this contravention.


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