Bus Lane Signs

Bus Lane Signs

There are strict guidelines and rules covering the signage and lineage which must be in place. It is illegal for an authority to enforce a Bus Lane which is not correctly signed and adjudicators often uphold appeals where the signs and roadmarkings are not correct or where they are faded. 

Amazingly many bus lanes are not correctly signed and are therefore unenforceable but the local authorities just carry on enforcing them. By understanding the signs and lines which must be in place you may well be able to have your penalty charge notice cancelled. The required location of the signs that must be in place are set out below.


This diagram shows the signs which must be placed at the locations indicated.


Bus lans sign and line diagram


These are the signs which must be in place in order for an authority to be legally able to enforce the restrictions. Please remember that the signs must also be unobscured, legible and facing the traffic.

You will notice that there are very strict requirements as to the size and permitted variants. If you notice a sign with different wording or symbols and the changes are not shown as permitted variants then the signs are illegal and the Bus Lane or other restriction is not enforceable.


Below:  This sign must be present and clearly visible at least 30 metres before the commencement of a Bus Lane where a 30 MPH speed Limit is in place and 45 Metres where a higher speed limit is in place.

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