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My penalty charge was dropped by POPLA last week. Your info on appealing really helped me out a fair bit. ParkingEye wanted to charge me a hundred quid but they couldn’t even present the contract with the landowner or a witness statement that such a contract exists. Cheers again! – MS

…absolutely fantastic website. Really appreciate the work gone into it. All for a great cause!!!! I was worried that I was going to have to consult a lawyer for information like this!!! LS

Just wanted to say that the £8 I paid to join your site was worth every penny. Following your advice I successfully appealed 2 parking tickets and won them both. Both were by cctv cameras and the advice you gave was spot on. Keep up the good work and very well done. FA, London

‪@penaltycharge‬ Great news! My ‪#parkingticket‬ has been dismissed. Thank you so much for your advice and hard work ‪https://www.penaltychargenotice.co.uk‬

@penaltycharge great site! thanks so much for all the advice #parkingticket so unfair when it is given underhandedly and not by the rules!

Fantastic help, really appreciate your input – well worth the £8. Cameron

Hi Paul

I just thought I’d let you know,  Richmond Borough Council has said that they will not contest my appeal to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.  The hearing has been canceled and I don’t have to pay a fine!

Thanks a lot for your help!


Sept 13 from BJ

Dear  Sir/Madam
I followed your advice concerning my car removal and penalty charge notice. All charges and removal of my car was refunded in full. BJ

Hi Paul & team,
you’ve been good enough to advise me in the past and unfortunately that time has come again! 
I got nabbed by a new lamppost CCTV cam opposite my local tube station (Blackhorse Road) whilst dropping 
my elderly Mum off at the tube with her heavy luggage. LB

I informed UKCPS that I would fully and confidently defend any Court action on the basis that a £100 charge was a Penalty rather than a legitimate way of compensating the land owner for lost revenue caused by our parking.  Fact was parking was free!  I cited previous successful Court cases listed on your site.UKCPS wrote back and informed me they were cancelling the notices.Private Parking Companies have not got a leg to stand on in these situations.  Without the legal advice I got from your site I would have probably been conned by them into forking out  £200 for 2  Parking Charge Notices which were unenforcible.

Firstly a great website full of fantastic information that I have acted on which, has helped me get an appeal upheld recently. A big thank you.  JS

Thank you for a fantastic site, I have already passed on details to my friends. ST

Hi, Your website and your support is fantastic, thank you. PJ

That is fantastic, and service beyond the call of duty. AC

Thank you so much for your kind advice!  Amazing what a formal letter of complaint to the CE’s office can achieve.  Please find attached their response for your info.  They’ve agreed to refund the PCN. I will be spreading the word about your website to all my friends and family.  It’s an absolute godsend and I can’t thank you enough. SD

Good to have your site available and will certainly use again in future. Regards AB

If I said I love you and your website that would not go far enough. WB

Thanks for your rapid reply, and the brilliant work with your website! JM

Just to let you know I won my appeal! RS

I have been in touch with Popla and attach copy of their decision.  As  you will see the Assessor has asked for the parking charge to be cancelled.  Many thanks for all you help and support and with getting through this.  Keep up the good work you and your organisation are doing, it is surely needed. JS

Just wanted to add I am really grateful for the information your website provides, thank you. I am a registered user and have used your website two or three times in the past and have successfully challenged the PCN’s issued in all those cases based on the information gathered from your website. Chi

I’ve just joined your brilliant site – please keep up the good work. I.T.

Hi, Paul

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly, and I look forward to receiving your further input.

I must say that I have found your site very helpful indeed.


Hi Paul
, Brilliant service – thank you so much. I will let you know what happens!!

Thank you very much. Will let you know the outcome. I am so glad I found your website, whilst searching for a way to appeal against this ticket. I’m very impressed with the content so far, and have spoken about your website to many of my friends.

All the best, RM

Thought you would like to know that WCC have accepted my claim for an unjust PCN. Thanks for the help and support. TS

Hi Paul,

I became aware of your website via a press article this morning so decided to take a look at it for myself and was impressed with the detail and layout, subsequently taking the decision to become a member.

In way of some personal background I am the Cabinet member for Traffic & Transportation at Portsmouth City Council so your site is of particular interest to me in a professional – if I can call being a councillor professional (!) – capacity. Despite my role within a local authority no doubt making me ‘suspect’ within the eyes of motorists I am really keen that residents / motorists are treated fairly by the Council and a website such as yours that concentrates on highlighting and detailing motorists rights is welcome. You will no far greater than I of the mistakes that have been made by local authorities across London, and I suspect further afield, and here in Portsmouth my aim is to try and ensure there are no mistakes where humanely possible, although being realistic one is never going to see an end to all instances of error.

Hi Paul

Just a quick note to say that Islington Council have accepted that the sign as invalid and have withdrawn the PCN.

I hope this information will help others.  I’d be happy to send you the text of the letter I’d sent that resulted in the PCN being withdrawn.

Thanks again for your help and assistance.


I would like to thank you for the help I received from your website. Yesterday on a rainy day at the appeal centre near Angel in London my case against Camden council was upheld. The “Big Boys” try to scare you and try to get money out of the pockets of honest motorists. Thanks to your website and a little bit of information, I was able to represent a good case in front of a very nice adjudicator.Honestly the best fiver I have ever spent!! Regards, Luca.

I recently received a PCN for an illegal right turn in Chinatown London. The first appeal was instantly rejected but thanks to your website and the adjudicator, my I won. Westminster council did not contest the appeal. It’s unclear on what basis I won but thought I would send you my appeal bullet points in the hope it assists other drivers. JG.

We have just won the appeal against PCN and clamping charge for parking on Boxing Day in London – Kensington and Chelsea. The judgement is that “if the enforcement authority wishes to enforce parking on Boxing day, the meter should clearly state so”, appeal allowed. This is a big success, because in the future councils won’t be able to play to confuse motorists! We are prepared to give all relevant info to your website, as your website is so helpful and fights for justice for people! A

Firstly, many thanks for this very informative website, it has been very helpful.

I have recently tried to appeal a penalty charge as I believe the signs in place were ambiguous due to roadworks signs which were also in place in the stretch of road. I followed the directions laid out in temporary road works signage. The particular piece of road led into road works around the corner (and lane closures) so there were temporary signs which directed traffic into the appropriate lanes. The sign indicated that the far left hand lane was available for traffic, and I thought this is what the sign was directing motorists to do. Do roadworks signs take precedence in cases such as this? I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. I have 14 days….

 Many thanks, AK

Just thought I would update you with some good news, I was really unsure whether to go for the Parking Appeals Service but thought in for a penny etc. Just received a letter from Lambeth Council stating that they will not contest the hearing and the notice is cancelled so your advice to keep going until the end worked!

There was no rationale provided as to why they are not contesting it but from my perspective who cares!
Thanks for your time and advice. D


Just thought we’d let you know about our successful appeal of a PCN issued for failing to drive in the direction shown by the white arrow/blue sign at the end of Riversdale Road N5. We made representations on the basis that the markings were unsufficiently clear, specifically that there were no “no entry” signs in the middle lane of the road layout. CP

It’s easily done – your website is fantastic and you do so much to help people so please don’t take offence.
Good luck with your campaigning – you helped me a lot with my appeal vs Lambeth on a PCN at a Bus Lane on Clapham Park Road.

Regards, B

Thanks for your email.  You and you team are providing a great public service!  For an individual to find the amount of information you’ve presented online is a big task.  Faced with such a task most of us go for the easier option, paying a fine for something you didn’t do.  Keep up the good work, please. H

Thanks very much for the useful feedback which I will use in my second appeal. Your website is very useful and I will recommend people look at it if they are faced with a similar situation. Councils have these machines pumping out thousands of PCN’s a day and they need to be challenged. Hope I win the case. Will keep you posted and will honour my agreement if I win. Cheers, N

You are quite simply a genius, I won my appeal. I would simply advise anyone to use your site!! If you need me to submit a review for the site let me know. Kind regards, M

I want to thank you and give you credit for your website. I took your advice as I felt Newham Council gave me a parking ticket via PCN over zealously. After reading your advice I wasn’t put off in the fine increasing and asked for an Independent hearing. I followed your advice template and got a letter stating that Newham will not contest my ticket and have backed down. I shall be making a token donation to your website.

Kind Regards, BA

Thank you for your help.I will start writing up my letter to the council asap. Thanks again, J

Good news on this.  I called TFL and was told that the penalty charge has been ‘written off’.  So it goes to show that challenging is well worth it.  Keep up your excellent work. DD

I waited until 28 days from the date of the offense and 21 days from the date of the PCN and then sent my reply. I told them they seemed to have got their dates wrong as at the date and time in question I’m pretty sure the car was parked on the driveway at home as I was still in bed, it being a Saturday and all. I also pointed out that the School Crossing restrictions only apply Monday to Friday, so either way they seemed to have their facts incorrect and as such I believed the PCN was legally unenforceable. A week later I got a reply informing me that they had dropped the charges.
Cheers, DF

… the representations I made to the London Borough of Havering which resulted in my PCN being cancelled.  Thank you for your help. Best wishes, K

Just wanted to thank you for the great the website you’ve put together. The information contained in it helped me challenge a penalty issued by Lewisham council. The arguments I’ve put forward proved right as they cancelled the penalty after few weeks of correspondence! Thanks again, AB

Hi to update you and to let you know that as a result of  your website and advice I appealed to the adjudicator in respect to 3 offences in the same location. I have just received notification from the adjudicator  that Bromley council are not going to contest the appeal. So we won.

Thank you. RW.

Just to say I managed to get two tickets cancelled, thanks to your site. The first was the ticket for being in a bus lane on Bloomsbury Street, WC1 and the second a CCTV parking ticket issued for an alleged offence on Chiswick High Road. PG

Thank you for your very informative site which I am able to access having enrolled as a member. Mr N

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