The founders of PenaltyChargeNotice.co.uk have campaigned on behalf of motorists for over 20 years to have the current unfair and, in our opinion, revenue orientated enforcement of parking and moving traffic offences by local councils and transport for London changed.

We work relentlessly on behalf of the motorist to have the current horrid system of revenue orientated enforcement changed. Some councils enforce fairly but most that we have come across do not. We are determined to have the system changed and were previously invited by the transport secretary to put forward some suggestions.

For many years we have campaigned and been part of other campaign groups for example we used to meet monthly   with a campaign group at the House of Lords. We also assisted in a House of Lords debate on enforcement. We meet with councillors from local authorities and attend public meetings and have participated in several scrutiny panels in connection with enforcement. We are in the local and national press and have appeared on BBC or ITV news highlighting wrongdoing by local councils.

PenaltyChargeNotice.co.uk receives a very substantial number of visitors every month, with many having their penalty charge notices cancelled as a result of the information and case studies provided within our website.

For details of membership please go to our membership section.

We really appreciate you support and feedback – especially if information on this site has assisted you in having a penalty charge notice cancelled.

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