Clamped or Towed on Private Land

Clamped or Towed on Private Land

Private Clamping and towing

Two Lamborghinis illegally parked at the rear of Harrods in Knightsbridge clamped by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

From 1ST October 2012 The Government Outlawed clamping a vehicle and removal from private land

This is very good news however we wonder why they have only outlawed it on private land – why not outlaw clamping on the public highway as well. When will they realise that clamping only ensures that an illegally parked vehicle remains so for longer. In the last year Kensingtoin and Chelsea council in London clamped over 8,500 vehicles – it is the only London council still to use clamping.

At the same time that the government has banned clamping and towing from private land it has made the keeper of a vehicle liable for private parking tickets! So much for ending the war on the motorist.



April 2012 – Another victory for the motorist after a court orders a clamping firm to refund a clamping fee of £205 after ruling that the signs were too small.


Many private landlords as well as commercial organisations are using clamping and towing away  as a means of penalising and deterring motorists from parking on their land. It must be very frustrating to return home after a hard day’s work to find someone parked in your allocated space or to arrive at your place of work and find your space has been taken by a local shopper. However clamping and towing away fees are often extortionate and we are generally against the principle of clamping as clamping only ensures that the vehicle will be parked for longer and defeating the purpose of the parking rules.

The government announced almost 2 years ago that they were going to stop private companies clamping and towing away vehicles. However no new legislation is yet in place. Private clamping is, however, illegal in Scotland further to a court ruling in the early 90’s (Black vs Carmichael) when it was decided that the clamping of the vehicle and the demanding of money for its release amounted to theft and extortion! Seems the Scotts have it all, free dental care, free university tuition and no private clampers!

Private Area Parking Signage


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