Electric charging bays

Electric charging bays -Contravention code 14 – Parked in an electric vehicles’ charging place during restricted hours without charging.

You should only park in an electric vehicles charging bay if you have an electric vehicle and the vehicle is charging at the time.

If you are looking to appeal against you Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for this contravention then we would suggest that you look at our general grounds for appealing a PCN and also the below possible specific grounds in respect of this contravention.

1. Was your car an electric car plugged in at the time but perhaps it was not actually charging. In this case you may want to write in as there may have been a fault or your car had charged up quicker than you expected.

2. Was the signage compliant – In order to enforce this contravention the signage and bay markings must be in accordance with the regulations. If the signage is not of a prescribed type then the bay is not enforceable. The signage allowed is very specific.

We do not believe that the above sign is compliant as it does not have the white electric vehicles charging symbol on a black background as prescribed by the Department of Transport which you will see on the signs at the top of this section. The applicable sign is 660.9 and you can search this on the web.

Also the sign above states “electric vehicles only” however the department of transport guidance only allows the words “Electric Vehicle Recharging Point” or “Electric Vehicle Recharging Point Only”

Also the guidance says that times of operation can be added to the sign where it does not apply at all times but doesn’t actually say that the words “at any time” are a permitted variant even though arguably it does make the sign easier to understand. The above information is contained in annex A2 – traffic signs and recharging infrastructure extract to the TSRGD traffic signs manual.

3. Was the bay marked correctly? in order for the parking bay to be enforceable the bay must be the correct size but also correctly marked. There are only a few variants of words that can be used.

Below we show diagrams of the signs and lines which must be in situ by law and much more information that will help you decide whether to appeal against your penalty charge notice.You need to be logged in to see this part of the content.<.p>

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Electric charging bays must all be marked. There are several variants that can be used Below is one.

Other Variants depending on the length of the parking bay include the legend ELECTRIC VEHICLES ONLY, ELECTRIC VEHICLES, ELECTRIC VEHS ONLY or ELECTRIC VEHS. If there is any other wording then it is probably not compliant. In order to be enforceable the bay should be marked and signed as prescribed. You may not win an appeal on this ground alone though if the adjudicator considers it trivial. You would have a much better chance if there is no wording

Below: The required dimensions of an individually marked bay. Please note the permitted variants in the box below the diagram and the variants above in relation to electric charging bays should be used.

Below: The required dimensions of an individually marked residents permit holders bay. Please note the permitted variants in the box below the diagram. Obviously if the bay isn’t to the correct dimensions then you may want to appeal. There are no guarantees but the bay should really be compliant in order for it to be enforceable. The words “Electric Vehicles only” or other permitted variants must be shown along side the bay.

4. Remember that you may cite compassionate grounds in any appeal or representation.