Contravention Code 37

Failing to comply with a give way to oncoming vehicles sign. Contravention Code 37



Local authorities are now enforcing this contravention using CCTV


Sample signs:

37 Give way to oncoming traffic.



How to have your penalty charge notice (PCN) for this parking contravention cancelled.

We may be able to assist you in having your penalty charge notice for this contravention cancelled.

Follow our 3 stage process:

1 Check: Specific grounds for appeal for this contravention (below on this page)

2 Check: What a Penalty Charge Notice must contain

3 Check: Statutory grounds for appeal for Moving Traffic Contraventions


Specific grounds of appeal for this contravention

As the contravention is that of “failing to comply with a give way to oncoming vehicles sign it is important to remember that in order to prove this contravention that the enforcing authority must actually show you passing the sign at the exact time when an oncoming vehicle is approaching. It is not sufficient to simply show your vehicle. You can ask to see the video or photographic evidence. Even if they have changed the wording of the contravention to exclude the word sign the fact is that there still must be a sign there and if there is not then it is not enforceable.

There are 8 more ways that you can have your penalty charge notice cancelled for this offence. We have even summarised adjudicator’s decisions where motorists have won.


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Now take a look at the adjudicators decisions for this contravention.


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