Successes stories of parking ticket appeals

A few of our successes

Some of our successes include assisting motorists when we pointed out to the London Evening Standard that Westminster council were issuing tickets on New Year’s Day a few years ago to thousands of motorists. Westminster said that New Year’s Day was not a public holiday because it happened to be a Saturday! We pointed out that their own Leisure Centres and Libraries were closed on New Year’s Day  “because it was a public holiday”! Westminster then agreed to cancel 3,750 PCNs and to refund parking charges, tow away and clamping fees.

Another one of our successes is the unacceptable situation around Lord’s Cricket Ground where when matches were being played discreet little road side signs would pop open on a Sunday. Many of the signs were illegible and were facing the wrong direction and subsequently hundreds of motorists have been ticketed. Again Westminster council were unrepentant so we lobbied the Marylebone Cricket Club and the Metropolitan Police who advised Westminster that they no longer wished them to continue to enforce single yellow lines around Lords when matches were being played.  Thanks to efforts by us they agreed to contact motorists and refund them. In late 2007 the signage on the single yellow lines was removed and they are still no longer enforced on weekends.

We have pursued Camden council about their continued enforcement of illegally marked bus lanes and yellow box junctions. We have even made a complaint to the metropolitan police about this.

Thanks solely to us Westminster Council stopped using moped based PA’s for parking enforcement in the daytime from April 2008. However they restarted using them a few years later!

By contributing you will allow us to continue to lobby on behalf of motorists at a time when the use of more and more camera enforcement is resulting in even more PCNs being issued for parking and moving traffic offences.

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