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Parking FAQs

To clarify fact from fiction here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions relating to penalty charge notices and parking tickets.


Aren’t traffic wardens supposed to give ‘a few minutes grace’ before issuing a ticket in parking bays?
Aren’t traffic wardens supposed to give ‘a few minutes grace’ before issuing a ticket on a single yellow line?
If I return to my car whilst a civil enforcement officer is standing next to it but drive off before the PCN can be either handed to me or fixed to the vehicle, am I still liable?
If a parking ticket is illegable is it still valid?
Can single yellow lines apply after 6.30 pm or on Sundays?
Do waiting restrictions (yellow lines) apply on public holidays?
To avoid having to pay a ticket at the full price is it advisable to send a cheque for the discounted price with a challenge in case it is unsuccessful?
Are yellow lines legal if they don’t have a T-bar where they end?
What happens if one arrives at a parking meter without change? Is time allowed to get some?
What happens if one sticks a pay-and-display ticket on the windscreen and it falls, face down, on the dashboard before returning to the vehicle?
If I go to appeal and win can I claim costs?
Is it true that a parking ticket is not valid if it is issued by a parking attendant not wearing a hat?
If the colour of the vehicle is incorrectly recorded on a parking ticket, is it valid?
What should you do if a Notice to Owner (NtO) arrives for a parking ticket that you did not know had been issued by a council employed parking attendant?
Can I appeal if the signs or road markings are confusing, illegible or missing or obscured?
Can I park on the meter bay if the meter is completely missing?

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