The Deregulation Act 2015

The Deregulation Act is now in force which is good news for motorists

It redresses the balance a little therefore making parking enforcement fairer. The government have acknowledged that some local authorities may be using parking enforcement for revenue raising purposes which is illegal and alienates motorists. Overzealous parking enforcement also harms trade as motorists are put off from driving to shops. The main changes are listed below.


Parking Enforcement by CCTV

From 1 April 2015, local authorities can only enforce parking restrictions by CCTV in the following instances;

This legislation applies to parking restrictions only, so does not apply to Moving Traffic Contraventions such as banned turns, box junctions etc. which can still be enforced.


10 Minute Mandatory Grace Period in Parking Bays

From 6 April 2015, Local authorities must give a 10 minute grace period to vehicles parked in dedicated paid for parking bays after the expiry of paid for time. It is not a free parking period and in order to benefit from it you must have first paid for parking.

There is also a grace period at the start of parking controls. So for example where parking enforcement starts at 8.30am, if you are already parked in the space you will be given 10 minutes before a penalty charge notice can be issued.

The grace period only applies to paid for parking bays. It does not apply to resident’s permit bays or yellow lines.



The above applies to the following contravention codes: