Penalty Charge Notice: Issued by post

Penalty Charge Notice: Issued by post [content:AddThis]

The following is the procedure when the penalty charge notice is issued to the owner of a vehicle by post.

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Stage 1.) Penalty Charge Notice Issued to the owner of the vehicle by post following a contravention. The PCN must be received within 28 days of the contravention.
Stage 2.) Making Representations formal representations can be made within 28 days.
Stage 3.) Notice of Acceptance if your representations are accepted.
Stage 4.) Notice of Rejection if your representations are not accepted.
Stage 5.) Notice of Appeal  the form sent out with a notice of rejection allowing you to appeal to the independent parking adjudicator
Stage 6.) Charge Certificate can be issued if you fail to pay the penalty charge notice within 28 days after an enforcement notice or refusal of your informal representations or appeal.
 Stage 7.) Registration of Debt, order for Recovery, warrant of execution and witness statement (formerly a statutory declaration) The debt can be registered at the traffic enforcement centre if you have not made payment within 14 days of the issue of a charge certificate. There are then recovery procedures available to an enforcing authority to follow including instructing of bailiffs.
We set out below full details of each of these stages with samples of the documents used in each stage.