Contravention Code 15

Parked in a resident parking space without clearly displaying a valid resident parking permit. A resident permit must be clearly displayed in the windscreen if you park in a resident’s parking space during controlled hours – Contravention Code 15



How to have your penalty charge notice (PCN) for this parking contravention cancelled.

We may be able to assist you in having your penalty charge notice for this contravention cancelled.

Follow our 3 stage process:

1 Check: Specific grounds for appeal for this contravention (below on this page)
This may also include diagrams and pictures showing signage requirements etc.

2 Check: General grounds for appeal
Applies to most contraventions.

3 Check: Summarised parking adjudicators decisions
Includes details of example cases won.


Specific grounds of appeal for this contravention


Firstly were you displaying a valid permit. Sounds a silly question perhaps however some councils including Westminster council in London did at one stage issue penalty charge notices to vehicles displaying a valid permit if the tax disc is out of date.! They say that their terms and conditions for the issue of resident’s permits clearly state that a vehicle must be taxed. However in at least 2 decisions adjudicators have disagreed. Firstly they say that the council is not allowed to enforce an “offence” of not having road tax as this is criminal and can only be enforced by the police. Secondly just because a tax disc is not displayed does not actually mean that a vehicle is untaxed – we all forget to put the disc in the windscreen sometimes! Thirdly the adjudicator ruled that if the council wanted to withdraw the permit they should first write to the motorist. See adjudicators decisions for the cases.

1. Was the permit in the windscreen obscured for example by a flyer put under the windscreen wiper or where the windscreen was covered in snow! If so your Penalty charge notice may be cancelled if you send in a photocopy of the permit.

2. Quite often motorists are confused by poor signage, for example where pay and display bays join resident’s only bays. Camden council in London are particularly poor at signposting their various restrictions. If the signage is confusing you should take photographs and make representations. If the signage is not clear and does not comply then the contravention did not occur. Remember that there should be a clear and un-obscured sign within 15 metres (3 car lengths) of where you parked. If you have different types of bays adjoining each other for example pay and display bays adjoining residents parking bays then there should be a sign either at the point where the bays meet with arrows pointing each way and clearly showing the different types of enforcement or signs showing each restriction within 5 meters of each side of the demarcation line. We do not believe it sufficient for there to be just demarcation lines in the Road. See diagrams below.

Below we show diagrams of the signs and bay markings which must be in situ by law and much more information that will help you decide whether to appeal against your penalty charge notice.


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