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Review of adjudicator’s decisions

The grounds on which an Adjudicator’s decision may be challenged are limited.

Simply feeling unhappy with the decision is not a ground for a challenge.

A review of the decision may be granted if, for example, it is believed that an Adjudicator may have wrongly interpreted or applied the law or if new evidence has come to light, the existence of which could not have been anticipated at the time of the original decision .  Such instances are extremely rare and either party must apply for a review within 14 days of the Adjudicator’s decision.

The only other challenge to an Adjudicator’s decision would be by application for judicial review in the High Court.


Questions and answers regarding an appeal to the parking adjudicator.


Does it cost anything to appeal?
What evidence should I send in?
What if I do not have all the evidence that I need at this time?
What can I expect at the hearing?
I have a disability – what arrangements can be made for me?
If I win am I able to claim costs?
If they win are the council able to claim costs against me?
What if I disagree with the adjudicators decision?
What if I am refused a review, or my case is reviewed and I still believe the decision is wrong?

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