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Traffic wardens

10 Minute Mandatory Grace Period in Parking Bays

April 6, 2015

From 6 April 2015, Local authorities must give a 10 minute grace period to vehicles parked in dedicated paid for parking bays after the expiry of paid for time. It is not a free parking period and in order to benefit from it you must have first paid ...

Camden traffic wardens on strike for 48 hours

July 11, 2012

They are complaining that the only get paid £8.08 pence an hour which is below the London Living wage. NSL, the company that employs the wardens, is drafting in wardens from other boroughs although it is still expected that the council will lose a ...

Traffic wardens in London borough go on a 2 day strike

March 16, 2012

Traffic wardens in Ealing have gone on a 2 day strike in protest at the sacking of a colleague. Mr Bhardwaj was sacked from his post by NSL services. The company says that he was sacked for falsifying paperwork and idling at work, Which Mr Bhardwaj ...

Traffic wardens earning over £50,000 a year!

November 10, 2010

Some traffic wardens in London are earning over £50,000 a year. That is four times what a new nurse earns and three times the earnings of a primary school teacher. They are able to do this through extensive overtime. However we have found that in ...
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