Westminster councillors vote to introduce evening and Sunday parking charges and controls in the West End.

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On the 1st August Westminster’s cabinet voted to introduce Sunday and evening parking charges in the West End of London. They say it is to deal with increased demand for parking and that it will help residents, visitors and businesses find a space more easily. We say this is rubbish because-

Charging residents and visitors up to £4.40 an hour to park will not help them. It will allienate residents and destroy businesses.

By stopping parking on single yellow lines in the evenings and on Sundays they are actually removing hundred and hundreds, if not thousands, of parking spaces. So how does this help?

Westminster accept that parking demand in the evenings has fallen by 10%!

We think it is about revenue raising and one of the councillors who we believe was involved in this has confirmed it!

Mr Floru wrote: “As more cuts are apparently not in the offing, the money needs to be found elsewhere. If it is not raised through direct charges for services to users – such as parking – then the council tax for all must be raised.”

Also we have been passed a report which states

“At the December Cabinet meeting, officers were asked to go away and look more closely at Parking and Community Safety to find further reductions (or additional income)” The January meetings are scheduled for the week commencing the 18th January where the position reported to Cabinet in December will be updated”

The report also said that

“The areas of Parking and Community Safety have been earmarked to contribute the majority of the additional £14m highlighted” 

We have other evidence as well.

There is currently massive opposition to these new controls from Residents to Casino operators and from churches to the low paid workers that work late in the evening. We hope that someone will mount a judicial review and we suspect that many people will be complaining to the local government ombudsman. We are happy to provide the documents that we have free of charge. Contact us.