Westminster council agrees to refund motorists ticketed in 3 Dual use bays in the West End a total of £278,000

We first noticed these bays when several motorists contacted us earlier in the year. They are pay by phone bays in the daytime but after 6.30 pm they change to taxi bays. The information sign however clearly stated “chargeable hours 8.30am to 6.30pm all other times no charge”. We have pursued the council for months and they have consistently held their ground that the signs were in fact “very clear”. Lately we have discovered that not only were the signs wrong but that the penalty charge notices were also wrong as they were issued for waiting on yellow lines rather that parking in a taxi rank!!

Due to our relentless campaign to persuade the council to do the right thing They will shortly announce that for only the second time ever they will do a blanket refund of all monies collected. We are pleased that Westminster City Council have, on this occassion, decided to do the right thing but are angry at the fact that they didn’t do this initially and that we have had to spend so much time fighting for the 3,500 motorists who received fines in these 3 bays in just 10 months!