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Warning – Boxing Day parking controls

Some councils such as Westminster Council and Kensington and Chelsea Council in London are charging for parking on Boxing day even though their signs say no charge on public holidays.

We assume that they don’t regard boxing day as a public holiday this year because it falls on a Saturday. Funny that because their libraries and Leisure centres are closed on Boxing day as “it is a Public Holiday”.

All that is going to happen is that thousands of motorists are going to have their Christmas’s tarnished by a £120 ticket.

What some councils are doing is a disgrace. They know that they are going to catch many motorists out. Westminster council tried this nasty trick a few years ago when new years day was a Saturday. After having issued around 4,000 tickets on the day they decided to cancel them all as they didn’t want to profit from confused motorists. Now they are doing it again. Please also remember that parking will be limited to 2 or 4 hours max in boroughs that are enforcing. Our advice is to check with the council where you are going and if possible put off your journey until the Sunday or the bank holiday Monday when on street parking will be free in most areas.

We have received massive press attention regarding this which we hope will save thousands of motorists hundreds of thousands of pounds with a similar amount being lost by the councils. If you have saved yourself a parking ticket and would like to make a small donation to our site then that would be appreciated.

We set out below some councils that are and are not charging. Please appreciate that the details can change and please check with the council directly.

If you do receive a penalty charge notice you should write in to the council objecting in the strongest terms as you thought Boxing day is a public holiday every year.

Merry Christmas.


Is your local council charging for on-street parking and imposing fines on Boxing Day?

Here is a list of what each council is doing. Some councils that are charging have said they will do so in some parts of the borough but not in other areas.

The advice is to check the relevant council’s website.

Outside London:
Is your local council charging for on-street parking and imposing fines on Boxing Day:

Bournemouth – YES
Brighton – NO
Bristol – YES
Birmingham – NO
Manchester – NO
Liverpool – YES
Southampton – YES