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Traffic wardens in London borough go on a 2 day strike

Traffic wardens in Ealing have gone on a 2 day strike in protest at the sacking of a colleague. Mr Bhardwaj was sacked from his post by NSL services. The company says that he was sacked for falsifying paperwork and idling at work, Which Mr Bhardwaj denies.

Mr Bhardwaj, 36, who has worked as a parking attendant for five years, said:

Just two months after taking over, NSL started bringing in the quota. We have to issue 1.5 tickets an hour, that’s 10 to 15 a day. We can’t issue more tickets than there are to give out. We can’t make them up.

If you don’t bring in that number they start bullying you and then terminate your employment. More than 10 staff have had their employment terminated and 30 have been disciplined in the past two months.

The council says that

NSL has reassured us that allegations of quotas being used are completely untrue. We expect the highest standards from all civil enforcement officers to ensure parking regulations are enforced consistently, professionally and legally.

However we have seen proof that rewards are given out in Westminster in the form of Argos points to wardens issuing more than the beat average.