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Phishing Parking Ticket Email Scams

Millions of phishing emails are sent out every single day. Their aim is to defraud and collect money or personal information.

We are aware of a phishing email in circulation appearing to be from this website from the address – this is a phishing email and should be deleted. This email is not from, we do not (or ever will) collect payments for penalty charge notices.


WE DON NOT take payment for Penalty Charge Notices tickets

WE DON NOT opperate on behalf of any service or organisation enforcing Penalty Charge Notices

Penalty Charge Notices must always containdetails of the vehicle and the registration number.

Penalty Charge notices will always be issued by post to the vehicles registered owner.

Our Top Tips To Spot Phising Emails:

Don’t trust links to Web sites in e-mails. What might look like a legitimate address is often linked to a third-party site that looks official, but is actually run by thieves and scammers. These are the fast track to identity and financial theft. You will see on the email above the link actually points through to a site unrelated to

It should be common sense, but just in case, we’ll remind you again: Don’t open an attachment from someone you don’t know – even if it appears to be your bank or credit card company. It’s almost always a virus or spyware meant to steal your personal information.

If you see the phrases “verify your account,” or “if you don’t respond within XX hours, your account will be closed,” it’s a scam – every time. Hit the delete button and don’t look back.

While you can’t trust every e-mail that knows your name, you can definitely ignore the ones that start “Dear member” or “Hello friend.” If your bank or credit card company is writing you, it knows who you are. So do your friends.

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