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Motorists receive parking tickets as parking bays shrink

As cars increase in size and councils try and squeeze in more bays motorists are getting caught in a pincer movement.

West Dorset, Hackney and Merton are councils that have shortened bays.

Some councils will only issue a penalty charge notice if the cars wheels are outside the bay markings although we have heard of others that count the car overhang as well. We are not sure whether an overhang can be counted legally so let us know if you have had a bad experience!

Of course as more and more motorists park compliantly councils have to look at other ways to issue tickets. Of course the transport minister Norman Baker supports limited size of bays. He is the same minister that wrote to us to confirm that he wouldn’t take action even if a council’s parking policies did not comply with the law! We thought the government was going to end the war on the motorist.