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Five Million parking fines issued in London in a year

In fact the number of fines has increased for the first time in 4 years. We say that the over-zealous enforcement of often minor transgressions of the rules by local authorities is more to do revenue raising than anything else.

Often councils regarded as inefficient generally have very efficient parking enforcement departments.

Take Brent which managed to issue over 42% more parking fines in the year to over 148,000. Hammersmith and Fulham manged to issue over 100% more fines for moving traffic offences. Even Westminster council managed to squeeze a further 4.5% to a whopping 482,000 tickets. When will it all end. The transport minister has told us that he won’t intervene even if councils parking policies do not comply with the law! Yes it’s true councils can break the law and the Government won’t do anything about it. So much for ending the war on the motorist!