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Enforcement of Diplomatic bays could have been illegal

There are 344 Diplomatic bays in London of which 198 are in Westminster and 134 in Kensington and Chelsea.

Because Diplomatic bays are not “standard bays” special permission is required from the department of transport. However now several London Councils have accepted that they have been enforcing these bays for up to 30 years illegally all though some think they may have applied for permission in the seventies but have no evidence of this.

Last year Westminster council alone issued 1,463 tickets in diplomatic bays, which at £120 is £175,000. We say that this money should be refunded as they have accepted that at the time no permission existed and therefore they were not allowed to issue fines in the first place. If you have received a parking ticket in a diplomatic bay then you should demand your money back.

Westminster council now say they have permission but Kensington and Chelsea they they are applying for permission.