Councils in London using illegal ticket targets

Despite the practice being illegal 2 councils have been exposed as having illegal ticket targets inserted into their contracts with private enforcement companies.

Camden and Ealing are the two names in a BBC Inside Out report but we hear that several more also have ticket targets.

The programme showed the pressure placed on civil enforcement officers (CEO’s) to issue as many tickets as possible. One CEO even confirmed that he issued “dodgy tickets” in order to meet his target.

Of course us motorists in London have known how revenue orientated the system is for years. Not so long ago Westminster Council was offering plasma TV’s and a free car to the most productive wardens, more recently they give Argos points!!

We have complained to the transport minister Norman Baker but he has written to say that the Government will not intervene even if councils break the law! Yes it is true although unbelievable.

If a CEO carries out his shift and nearly all the vehicles are parked compliantly surely that is a good thing, surely this is what it is all about WRONG. It is a bad thing for a CEO, a bad thing for the private parking company and a bad thing for the local council. Ever wondered why some of the most inefficient councils have the most efficient parking enforcement?