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Council refuses to refund around £1m taken illegally from motorists

Islington council refuses to automatically refund motorists after it accepted that it should never have issued the fines in the first Place.

Around 11,000 fines were issued at the width restriction in Drayton Park designed to stop large vehicles from using the road. However the alterations to the road late last year did not have the proper consents

The council has accepted that they were wrong and therefore not entitled to the money. They have said that they cannot automatically refund motorists as they don’t have their details. We find this very hard indeed to believe.

All the fines were issued over the last few months via CCTV so the council would have had to request the driver’s information from DVLA in order to post the fines to them. How convenient to say that they don’t have the details. They have agreed to refund motorists who go to the hassle of writing in!