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Boris Johnson’s Transport for London (TfL) stings motorists with 553,000 Penalty Charge Notices

In the latest figures released showing the number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) issued by London’s councils and Transport for London (TfL) it is Boris’s TfL which issued the most fines in London for the first time.

They issued an incredible 553,000 pcn’s in the year ending 31st March 2013 (figures just out) which was 67,000 more than last year.

At face value that is £72m. TfL accept that they have been more ruthless and say that they have increased enforcement at peak hours. At a time when the Government is trying to get enforcement authorities to stop using the motorist as a cash cow TFL are happy to just issue as many PCN’s as possible. In one loading bay in Finchley road they are issuing over 12,000 pcns a year. We have met them twice there to try and get them to spend money on making the restrictions clearer but rather than spend some money on better signage they spent over £13,000 on upgrading their enforcement camera – yes it is true. Shame on you Boris, you criticised  Ken for his “mountain of fines” and when you took office you reduced the number of PCN’s in the first year but then increased and increased them.