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At last great news for the motorist: CCTV parking enforcement could be banned from January

Today Eric Pickles the communities secretary announces a 6 week consultation into ending cctv enforcement of parking contraventions.

The consultation will also include proposals to reimburse motorists for their costs of appeal, a mandatory 15 minute grace period on paid for parking bays, stopping councils from using bailiffs to collect parking fines and allowing residents to have more of a say on yellow lines. There will be a consultation so please have your say.

We have campiagned for 10 years for this so it is really great news but the Government needs to go further, They should also end CCTV enforcement of moving traffic contraventions which is being abused by local councils and they should stop councils increasing parking charges by more than the rate of inflation for paid for parking and parking permits.

The announcement today includes a lot of what we have been campaigning for 10 years. It is great news for businesses, great news for motorists and it is the right thing to do.

For too long councils in London have been able to use parking fines to raise revenue. Often the most inefficient councils have the most efficient parking enforcement departments. Councils have completely ignored the guidance issued by the Government on CCTV a few years ago so enshrining it into law is the only choice left for the Government.

The Government have not gone far enough though. The current system where the parking fine effectively doubles if you go to adjudication is wrong. It dissuades motorists from exercising their right of appeal and is the reason why less than 1% go to adjudication. Also the Government needs to include the use of CCTV for moving traffic contraventions which are the latest way that councils in London are milking the public and as exposed on Panorama.

Westminster were interviewed on the Today programme today saying how CCTV is all about keeping the streets clear etc. well how can they keep the streets clear when motorists don’t know they are there and when they receive a fine in the post 3 weeks later! A traffic warden is a visible presence.