4,000 motorists fined by Camden Council due to dubious signage

In a road next to St Pancras Station up to 4,000 motorists may have been fined for making an illegal right turn even though a diversion directed them to do so.

Mr winter has posted a YouTube video.

A Camden Council CCTV van was quick to issue tickets. One motorist a Locksmith Laurence Wynter 45 won an appeal against the council and had his fine cancelled.

Camden council say they

…they will deal with each case on an individual basis… …and will only issue refunds to motorists who appeal.

How can it be that they will not contact those motorists who recieved fines, refund them and apologise for the error. Why should it always be about the money? We were interviewed live on BBC London Radio on the 4th March at 8.45.