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Adjudicator finds against Camden Council at notorious £5m trap

In June last year we exposed this ridiculous “no motor vehicles” restriction where the council has issued over £5m of penalty charge notices in the last 5 years.

The restriction in Grafton road used to be enforced by rising bollards but the council decided that a camera was a better way to go. Whereas the bollard would not let a motorist break the restriction the camera system allows tens of thousands of motorists to carry on through and then receive a £130 fine in the post!

Last year we went on tv and radio as well as in the national press to highlight this. The councillor at the council responsible said the restriction was “ridiculous” and that she would take immediate action. However one year on the council continues. Now an adjudicator has ruled that the signage is non compliant. The council are asking for a review of the decision and if they lose we say they should pay back the millions of pounds that they have taken. A council report also confirms that they know it is confusing for motorists by leaving the old bollard system in situ but they have never removed it. we wonder why?

Details of the decision are in our moving traffic adjudicators sectin.