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Notice of Rejection (bus lane)

Notice of Rejection for a Bus Lane PCN


If you receive a Notice of Rejection you will have 28 days, beginning with the date of service of that notice, to either:


pay the penalty charge at the full rate;


appeal to the Adjudicator. A Notice of Appeal form should be sent by the local authority with the Notice of Rejection. If this form is not enclosed, the local authority should be contacted to obtain one. You should appeal within 28 days.


If you wish to appeal to the Adjudicator later than the 28 days, you should still send your appeal, but you MUST say on the Notice of Appeal form why it is late. The Adjudicator will then decide whether to allow you to appeal late. Our advice would always be to appeal within the 28 days.


Details of how and where to appeal will be enclosed with the notice of rejection. If they are not you will need to contact the local authority.

If the penalty charge is not paid or an appeal is not made within the 28 days allowed, the local authority may issue a charge certificate which will increase the full amount due by a further 50%.


A notice of rejection must state that “a charge certificate may be served unless before the period of 28 days beginning with the date of the notice of rejection (1) the penalty charge is paid, or (2) the person on whom the notice is served appeals to the traffic adjudicator against the penalty charge.”

The notice of rejection in a case with Transport for London contained the words “unless you appeal within 28 days of the date of this rejection you must pay the penalty charge of £100 to transport for London. “ It also stated “Please note that failure to may result in the issue of a charge certificate which will increase the charge to £150.”

The adjudicator said that the statement that the PCN must be paid within 28 days of the notice of rejection itself, rather than the service of the notice “is incorrect and wrong in law”.


Sample Notice of Rejection

Sample Notice of Rejection

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